Visitor Procedures

We are pleased to welcome guests and visitors to our buildings whether you are a current parent, vendor, college representative, student teacher, or a prospective resident to the Mount Pleasant Area community.  While we welcome new people to our school, we must also attune to the safety and security of our students and staff.


Upon entering any of the school buildings, visitors will be asked to produce valid driver's license, state-issued identification card or military ID, have their information scanned into the Raptor system, and wait in a secure area for an escort to their destination.  The Raptor system provides necessary background information to our staff before visitors are given access to the buildings.  Once a person is vetted and issued a visitor ID tag, they will be escorted to their destination.  A sign-in and sign-out procedure is also in place so we know who has been in our schools, the location of their visit, and the duration of their visit.


In some instances, scanning into the Raptor system and acquiring a visitor tag is not necessary.  This would be the case if you are dropping off an item for your child, picking up a sick child or for an early dismissal, or retrieving information that may not be available on our website related to various forms and paperwork.