Safe2SaySomething - S2SS

In 2018 the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania passed legislation known as The Safe and Secure Schools Act (Act 44 of 2018).  Among other items, Act 44 established a requirement that every school district in the Commonwealth use an anonymous reporting tip line known as Safe2SaySomething, or S2SS.  Safe2Say is an initiative of the Sandy Hook Promise and similar systems are in place in most states in our country. 

S2SS is an anonymous system for students to report items of concern to them.  Students may report such things as abuse, neglect, bullying, knowledge about drug/alcohol use, acts of violence, suicidal ideation, and other issues.  Students may self refer or make a referral about another student.  Students can be the "eyes and ears" of a school and often are aware of information that adults are not.  Providing a mechanism for students to make referrals could literally save a life.

A few things to keep in mind when considering the use of S2SS:

1. It is always best and more efficient to make a referral to a trusted adult in the school;

2. Tell a parent, guardian, or trusted adult outside of school so they are aware of an issue;

3. Although anonymous, if S2SS is being misused, the school district is able to use legal proceedings to break anonymity and pursue charges (criminal or school-based) if appropriate.

Safe2SaySomething can be accessed through the mobile app, website ( , or 24-hour hotline (1-844-SAF2SAY).