Bus Stop Information

The safe and efficient transportation of students to and from school is predicated upon the establishment of efficient and safe bus routes.  Minimizing stops and "load times" assist in this timely and safe operation. Each year, student enrollment at each school building and their physical addresses are analyzed to create updated bus routes and stops.  There are many factors that help the school district and DMJ Transportation decide on these transportation decisions. 

As a rule of thumb, once bus stops and times are established, they become final.  MPASD and DMJ continue to work collaboratively during the first few days/weeks of school to audit routes to maximize efficiency.  Occasionally, adjustments to bus stop locations, routes, and bus stop times may need needed.  For these reasons, it is imperative in these first few days of school that students arrive at their assigned bus stops 5-10 minutes prior to their scheduled time.  Once the routes become more routine, pick up times become more predictable but there is always that chance of a slightly earlier or later pick-up time due to traffic and road conditions as well as other unforeseeable items.  

Request to change or move a bus stop - This item is not taken lightly by either MPASD or DMJ.  There is a sometimes challenging balance between convenience for a family and the safe, efficient route for a bus.  Unfortunately, a school bus cannot stop at everyone's front door.  Every effort is made to establish a reasonably close, group bus stop with some obvious and necessary exceptions.  Outside of true safety concerns, it is rare that a bus stop be moved.  Options for other bus stops are available should a family request, yet moving a stop can be problematic.  If you feel a school bus stop is unsafe or you would like us to consider an alteration to the stop, print and mail the Bus Stop Change Request form below.  

School bus stop times - These items are updated annually.  Families are provided with their specific bus stop locations via mail.  The individual school bus stop times are listed in that mailing. 

Alternate Stop Request - Should a situation necessitate your child needing to use an alternative bus stop to get on or get off the bus, please complete the Alternate Bus Stop Request Form.  This may be used for students who take advantage of an after care program or if there is a temporary change needed in a bus stop.