School Safety Committees

The Mount Pleasant Area School District has 2 separate safety committees in place.  Each committee operates under a different purpose and their membership reflects the varied roles of the 2 committees.

School Safety Committee - This committee is comprised of school district employees.  It represents the various employment groups of the school district.  Members of the committee include representatives from district administration, building administration, secretarial, nursing services, guidance counseling, and custodial/maintenance.  The purpose of this committee is to examine work-related injuries/insurance claims with the purpose of improving the work environment.  This group will discuss claims and offer solutions to minimizing the risk of a similar injury or claim in the future.  Names of claimants, or injured parties, are not shared.  This group functions in a highly confidential capacity.  Because we have an active safety committee that meets monthly, we receive a 5% discount on insurance premiums, thus saving money for the district tax payers. 

The MPASD District-Wide Safety Committee - This is a much more broad committee that discusses specific school safety and security measures.  This group discusses emergency operations, additions to building/campus safety protocol, and other measures to address "traditional" school safety and security items.  This large committee has representatives from local government (township and borough supervisors), members of road departments, representatives from local fire, police and EMS agencies, district administrators, school board members, teachers, state government officials, and community members.