Federal Programs

The Title I, Part A Program, which is the largest federally-funded education aid program, provides extra instructional services and activities which support students who are identified as not meeting, or who may be most at risk of not meeting, the challenging State performance standards in Reading. The Mount Pleasant Area School District's Title I Program provides supplementary Reading instruction using a targeted assistance delivery. These services are intended to supplement rather than supplant the regular curriculum.

Title I services are available at the three elementary schools in the Mount Pleasant Area School District (Donegal Elementary, Norvelt Elementary, Ramsay Elementary). The goals of the program for the students are:

  1. Achieve success in the regular education program.

  2. Attain grade level proficiency.

  3. Demonstrate improved achievement in basic and more advanced Reading skills.

The Title II funding program provides an opportunity for class-size reduction at Donegal Elementary School.