Emergency Drills and Safety Procedures

The Mount Pleasant Area School District has a comprehensive emergency operations plan (EOP) in place.  This plan was established utilizing in-district expertise and through consultation with first responders.  Like any other plan, the EOP is constantly revisited, reviewed, and revised.  Additionally, the various emergency procedures are practiced on a monthly basis.  It is also shared on a need to know basis with local fire and EMS agencies, Westmoreland 9-1-1, MP Borough Police, and the Pennsylvania State Police Greensburg Barracks.

At least once each month, an emergency drill of some type is conducted.  The traditional, monthly fire drill has evolved into practicing lockdown drills, intruder drills, severe weather drills, threats of violence, and evacuation drills to name a few.  The majority of these drills are announced so as not to instill any degree of panic or concern among students or staff. 

As the practice of our EOP continues, the District plans to incorporate first responders in the drills.  It is advisable for responding agencies and the District to have a solid, working relationship prior to an unthinkable event.  The District has conducted orientation programs in the past and will continue to do so into the future.  We value the dedication of our first responders and welcome them to use our schools for training purposes. 

In the unlikely event of an actual, "wide spread" emergency at one of our schools, parents are asked to abide by the following:

1. Please do NOT respond to the school.  This may hamper emergency operations, slow the response of first responders, necessitate the district divert manpower away from caring for your children, and adds to an already stressful environment.

2. Please DO keep your phone lines open to receive "robo calls" with updates, watch the school district website, and watch school district sponsored social media for updates and instructions.

3. Please do NOT post to social media any information about the school or incident.  Misinformation is difficult to address and may unknowingly cause additional concern or issues.

4. Please be sure to have photographic ID (driver's license, passport, etc.) available to verify your identity if you are asked to go to another location (reunification site) to pick up your child.

5. Please understand that our first priority during an emergency is the safety and welfare of every child.  The district will need to account for each student before releasing students to their parent/guardian.  School district employees are parents, too.  We understand the anxiety a school emergency can bring. We thank you in advance for affording us the ability to focus on child accounting so reunifying with your child can be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time.