School Closings and Delays

School Closings and Delays are reported to WPXI Channel 11 News & WTAE Channel 4 News. They're also displayed on the MPATV school TV channels--Armstrong cable channel 39, Laurel Highlands Cable channel 38, and Citizens Cable channel 97.

Emergency Closing of School During the School Day -- Reminder

Upon occasion, school must be cancelled, delayed, or released early due to a variety of reasons. Such things as severe weather conditions, utility interruptions, or various building issues may be serious enough to necessitate the closing of school and/or sending students home early. Being aware of childcare issues for families, the school district attempts to maintain regular hours of operation and does not enter into alterations to the schedule lightly. Despite those better efforts, if the school schedule is altered, we will notify families as timely as possible.  Each family should establish an emergency plan for childcare in the event school is cancelled, delayed, or released early. Please be sure you communicate that plan with your children and those who will assist you if the need should arise. 

The school district also utilizes "robo calls" to communicate quickly to all school district families.  In order to receive these calls, please be certain that you update your contact phone numbers with the school building(s) that your child attends.