School Safety and Security

Before meaningful education can occur, a safe environment must be in place.  School safety extends across many different facets.  Everything from the physical safety within the buildings and during morning and afternoon commutes to a sense of belonging and safety once inside the school building itself, it is incumbent upon everyone (parents, students, teachers, administrators) to do their part in assuring that a safe environment exists. 

The Mount Pleasant Area School District approaches school safety and security as its top priority.  Numerous safeguards and systems are in place to help maintain a safe school environment.  MPASD has established it own police department for added security.  Additionally, dozens of video cameras have been placed in the hallways and outside of each school building in the district.  Student programs and the use of the Safe2SaySomething (S2SS) tip line are utilized to prevent and investigate incidents that jeopardize student safety.  Every visitor to any of the schools within the school district must provide a government issued identification to be scanned through the Raptor system.  Raptor will identify individuals who may have a criminal background that either prohibits access to the school or alerts school district staff that those individuals must be accompanied at all times while in the school.

The District feels very fortunate to have the support of Pennsylvania State Police and Mount Pleasant Borough Police.  This support is recognized through visits from each agency and the accessibility of K-9 officers.  Occasionally the school district requests the use of K-9 officers and their handlers to sweep the buildings for potential safety threats.  K-9 officers are used for drug detection as well as the detection of gun powder or explosives.  At random, the school district reserves the right to request K-9 support for these "safety audits."

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