• Academic Quiz LeagueINFORMATION ABOUT 2011 -2012 ACademic Quiz League



     Quiz League 2011-2012 Schedule


                      CONFERENCE A


                      CONFERENCE B


    1.  Mt. Pleasant Area


    1.  Hempfield


    2.  Yough


    2.  Greensburg Salem


    3.  Ligonier Valley


    3.  Laurel Highlands


    4.  Derry


    4.  Latrobe


    5.  Jeannette


    5.  Norwin


    6.  Belle Vernon


    6.  Connellsville


    7.  Southmoreland


    7.  Penn Trafford


    8.  GCC


    8.  Kiski


    These dates have been put together for league play:


    Conference A

    Conference B

    September  21(Teams 5,6,7 and 8 Do Not Play)

    September  22(Teams 5,6,7 an 8 Do Not Play)

    October  19 (ALL TEAMS PLAY)

    October  20 (ALL TEAMS PLAY)

    November  16(Teams 1, 2, 3, and 4 Do Not Play)

    November  17(Teams 1, 2, 3, and 4 Do Not Play)

    January  25 Tournament

    January  26 Tournament


    TEAMS:                          VARSITY        (GRADES 11-12)    2 Conferences

    JR VARSITY    (GRADES 9-10)     2 Conferences



    MAKE-UP:                      Five members and three alternates per team.  Rosters will be submitted on appropriate forms by the first play date.  Include all desired information.  Each team must have at least one sponsor.



    MATCHES:                      Thirty (30) questions per match (26 JV) Each question will be worth at least 1 point.  Questions will have a 2-point value when answered by the team at the first attempt.  Second attempt (conference answers) will have a 1-point value.  Answer on second attempt must be from Captain or Captain Designee unless question has not been completed. 



    MATCHES:                      Each team will have at least 6 matches (possibly 8). Total points earned will establish championship round.  (Refer to tie-breaking criteria which can be found in the packet.)


    STANDINGS:                  Team standings will be arranged by designated point system (in reference to win/losses) for the year’s competition. Teams (from each conference) will play in the playoffs in each level Jr. Varsity and Varsity.  The winner of each round will advance to the Winners Bracket.  However, the team with the most team points in the regular league schedule will be the league champ on the basis of the point system.  Losers will drop into the Losers Bracket


    AWARD:                        JUNIOR VARSITY AND VARSITY


    Playoff Champ



    League Champ

    1st PLACE

    AWARDS:                       Members of the Playoff Championship Team


    2nd PLACE

    AWARDS:                       Members of the Runner-Up Team (Playoffs)


    3rd PLACE

    AWARDS:                       Members of each 3rd place team



    WEEKLY RESULTS:        Results as well as team standings will be available.  A cumulative record will be kept on each match.



    PLAYOFF:                       The top 4 teams in each conference with the highest point totals will be seeded.  All other teams will draw randomly for their tournament bracket.



    TOP SCORERS:              Each top scorer of each team will receive an award of recognition.


    NOTE:                   If teams have same point totals then use following criteria to establish the final standings:


    TEAM SCORING IN CASE OF TIE (Team Standings)


    !   Criteria - in order stated to be used

    !   Criteria will also be used to establish divisional champs


    1.       Conference Record (most pts)

    2.       Overall Record (most wins)

    3.       Overall Record (best percentage)

    4.       Record against each other

    5.       If still tied, Co-Champs will be delivered


    QUESTIONS:        They are of a general and academic nature.  Questions are purchased from a number of companies.  The questions are controlled by the Quiz League Quiz Master.




     1.      Judges decisions are final.  Judge may ask Quiz League-Quiz Master for assistance. (NO APPEALS)

     2.      TIME: 5 seconds after question has been asked for a team to buzz in.

              TIME: Students will be given 25 seconds after math question is asked to buzz in.  Once students buzz in, 5 seconds to finish answer.

     3.      The Quiz Master will notify students that it is a math question.

     4.      SPELLING QUESTION:  Answer should begin once buzzer is rung.  You may write the word as you spell.  You may not change letters which have already been stated.

     5.      Team members are not permitted to challenge an answer.  They are permitted to tell the Master when they cannot hear, want a question repeated, or some disturbance is hindering them.

     6.      If a question is disqualified by Quiz Master or Judge, a new question will replace it.

     7.      Conferencing by team members is permitted when question has been missed by opposing team first.

     8.      Team members may not communicate with the audience.

     9.      Team position on stage is determined at the start of quiz day.

    10.     Quiz Master should be located in front of teams.

    11.     Score will be announced at half time.

    12.     Judges may mark who earns points for each question so that they can double check scorer.

    13.     All answers given are to be in agreement with stated answer unless judges accept close facsimile.  (Final decision rests with Judges and Quiz League-Quiz Master).

    14      QUESTION VALUE:  First response answer - 2 points

    Second response answers 1 point value/Second response answer if the opposing team buzzes in before question is completely asked - 2 point value.  Quiz Master is the sole judge.

    15.     Teams that don't arrive on time shall be penalized.  All teams are given a 15-minute grace period.  If team has not called or not arrived, the team will start the match with a 5 point deficit.

    16.     Quiz Master will ask for more information if student only gives part.  "Can you be more specific."

    17.     Math questions will be read twice and then the timer will start.  Math questions will not be repeated a third time.

    18.     Each school will be sent a registration bill.

    19.     An attempt will be made to attain the services of others for judges besides the coaches.

    20.     Halftime break - 1 minute.

    21.     The coach of its respective team may (if they wish) substitute up to two alternates for three starters.  (Alternates must be identified prior to start of day=s match.)

    22.     If question is completely read once, and Team A misses, the question will be repeated for Team B.

    23. Penalty on missed question – Round 2 half.