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        The homework is based on the assumptions that the assignments are primarily a learning tool,  not a grading tool, and that the purpose of homework is threefold:
    1. Homework is to give you practice in explaining the concepts and using the techniques you learn in the course;
    2. Homework is to allow me to see how you are doing and to try to correct errors you are making;
    3. Homework is to give you a chance to see the errors you are making and to correct them.

    Students are strongly encouraged to discuss homework problems with parents, tutors, your classmates, and me. Remember that the goal of the homework assignments is to help you learn mathematics!

    The following format is to be used for homework:

    ·         Proper Heading in the upper left corner of the first page   Name


                                                                    Seat number


    ·         Work is to be in a vertical format

    ·         No more than two columns per page

    ·         Problems are to be in columns each problem and steps under the previous one

    ·         Show any substitutions you’ve made

    ·         Show all the steps and include diagrams and formulas,when applicable, for each problem

    ·         One operation per line

    ·         When working with an equality/inequality, keep the equality/inequality signs vertically aligned

    ·         Pencil ONLY!  Work done in ink will NOT be accepted for credit.

    All plans and assignments are subject to change.
    Assignments can be obtained by the following link.    Homework