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Schoology Parent Tutorials and Help

Schoology (skool-o-gee) is known as a learning management system or LMS.  The function of an LMS is to take the various elements of learning (instruction, curriculum, resources, assessment, attendance, etc.) and wrap it together in one clean package.  In essence, an LMS can be used as a "one stop shop" for teachers to house their instructional materials and for students and parents to access those materials.
The advantages of an LMS are to provide single sign-ons ad limited need to access multiple websites with tons of different usernames and passwords.  Another advantage is that Schoology communicates directly with the district's student information system (SIS), also referred to as a student management system (SMS). The district's SIS/SMS is the official record for all things student-related.
Below you will find a series of videos and other resources to help you navigate and use Schoology for access to your child's grades, courses, and teachers.  This will enable you to check on assignments and stay current with the goings-on in your child's classes.  Each course has a parent access code to enable you to see information.  To get started, click on the links below to view tutorials/informational videos.