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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I enroll my child in the Viking Online Learning Academy?
A: Simply contact your child's guidance counselor to start the process.  You may need to complete a simple form for the District to maintain accurate records of requests.
Q: Does my child have to enroll full-time?
A: No. The VOLA option is available for enrollment as a full-time student.  Additionally, students may enroll for an additional course if the student needs to make-up a credit (repeat a course), wishes to accelerate by adding an additional course, or to enroll in summer school.  District policy states that students must have enough scheduled credits to be considered full-time in the district.  At the high school this is considered 6.25 credits.
Q: Are CWCTC students eligible for the VOLA option?
A: Absolutely.  Students may opt to take their core academic subjects through VOLA and still attend in person classes at CWCTC.
Q: Are graduation requirements impacted?
A: No.  All VOLA classes are MPASD classes meeting all graduation requirements.  During the current health situation in Pennsylvania, if a student cannot be enrolled in an elective option because it is not offered through VOLA, other options will be presented to the student.  In some unique situations, graduation credits may be waived so graduation is not negatively impacted.
Q: Is summer school an option?
A: It is the DIstrict's intent to consider VOLA as a viable summer school option for the summer of 2021.
Q: Is VOLA only offered through the current health situation?
A: No.  VOLA is the District's solution to online education.  The District intends to maintain and expand the VOLA program into the future.
Q: If my child is in VOLA, can s/he still participate in sports?
A: Absolutely.  Students will still maintain all social privileges including sports, extracurriculars, performing arts, dances, prom, and graduation. An exception to this rule would be a student being placed in the VOLA or other program(s) due to disciplinary reasons.
Q: Does my child have to stay in VOLA all year or can s/he come back to school at any time?
A: While the VOLA program is designed to allow students to complete their entire academic year online, students may transition back into the physical school setting.  Similarly, if a student in the face-to-face environment wishes to "go online," that student may do so.
Q: Will my child be placed in VOLA if s/he needs to be out of school for a prolonged illness or injury?
A: Not necessarily.  Because teachers utilize Google Classroom (K-3) or Schoology (4-12) in both face-to-face and online instruction, a student would simply be able to complete course work through one of these learning management systems.  If the illness or injury extends for a longer term, the District and parent can discuss whether or not it makes sense to have the student enrolled as a VOLA student.