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Enrolling In VOLA.

In July, 2020 a Parent Declaration was posted to the school district website to gauge the intent of parents sending their children back to school for the fall semester.  This information has given the District a good starting point on who intends to take advantage of the Viking Online Learning Academy.  With this survey information, the school district began the initial process of enrolling students in the program.  Parents were contacted to confirm their desire to enroll their child(ren) in VOLA.
As the school year begins, some parents may wish to have their child enrolled in the VOLA option.  In order to do this, the parent or guardian will simply need to contact their child's guidance counselor.  The guidance counselor will compare the student's current course schedule and verify which courses have a VOLA equivalent.  If a student has an elective course that is not offered through VOLA, the guidance counselor will attempt to identify a comparable course in the WIU7 eAcademy program or suggest other MPASD online electives.
Once course schedules are verified, the student will simply begin to complete course requirements in the VOLA section of the course via Schoology (grades 4-12) or Google Classroom (grades K-3).  It is the goal of the school district to make these transitions effective within one or two days of school.  Because we utilize the same learning management systems (Schoology and Google Classroom) for both online and face-to-face schooling, grades and assignments will transfer back and forth.