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Transitioning made easy.

Because the VOLA program is taught by MPASD teachers using district approved curricula, transitioning in and out of the program can be seamless and easy.  The District utilizes Google Classroom (grades K-3) and Schoology (grades 4-12) as the vehicle that drives both face-to-face learning as well as the online program.  Because of this, students who find the need to learn remotely either for brief or extended amounts of time will maintain the same pace of instruction as their "in-school" counterparts. 
The District is currently finalizing plans to allow students to utilize VOLA for other academic needs such as acceleration, repeating courses, and summer school options for those students who wish to work at a more self-paced time frame.  As the 2020-21 school year progresses, additional information will be shared about specific summer school options.
With the current state of pandemic mitigation and the necessity of employing the hybrid model of instruction, some transition planning for students who wish to return to face-to-face instruction is necessary.  The District's current Health and Safety Plan outlines certain criteria for social distancing and other preventative measures.  Do to the uniqueness of these measures, it may be necessary for students to continue with online instruction until the end of grading periods.  This is mainly due to the District assuring that staffing and classroom limitations are not negatively impacted.  Every effort will be made, however, to return students to the school buildings as soon as is logistically reasonable.