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A superior online option.

In the past decade, a large number of online options in the form of private and public charter schools have come into existence.  Many of these "public cyber charter" schools tout that they are "free, public schools."  "Free" is a very relative term that actually costs public school districts millions of dollars annually in taxpayer money.  While free to the family on the surface, the financial burden it places on school districts, and subsequently on the taxpayer, is astronomical.  These "public charter" schools lack in many ways, the most noteworthy of which is a sense of community and failing performance on standardized testing. 
The Mount Pleasant Area School District is steeped in rich history and tradition.  The quaint feel of Mount Pleasant Borough and surrounding townships of Mount Pleasant and Donegal is unique to the district.  Strong athletic programs and a new, progressive attitude and focus on academics is making a huge difference in educational opportunities for students.  The inception of the VOLA program now allows district residents to capitalize on the best of both worlds.
Maintaining MPASD students as our own is vital to our success. It assures a quality education and it keeps critical taxpayer money in the school district. The VOLA program is taught by MPASD teachers using MPASD curriculum.  Students who enroll in the online academy have the benefit of maintaining their "social status" and privileges as every other Viking student.  These students benefit by being able to participate in athletics, extracurricular activities, clubs, social events, field trips, and more.  These opportunities simply don't exist with other online options.
To date, MPASD teachers have or are developing nearly 100 course offerings!  These include all of the core academic programs (math, English, science, social studies) as well as an abundance of elective options!