With the outbreak of COVID-19/coronavirus across the world and now detected in the United States and in eastern Pennsylvania, the Mount Pleasant Area School District wanted to share information we have related to coronavirus, combating its spread, and precautionary measures the District has been taking over the past several days and weeks.
Cleaning efforts have always addressed the spread of communicable illnesses such as the common cold and influenza.  Over the past few weeks, we have upgraded those cleaning efforts by treating commonly touched objects such as door handles, water fountains, desk and table tops, vending machines, computer keyboards, etc. Custodial staff throughout the district has been using a recommended cleaner and procedures consistent with Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and other public safety related agencies.
In addition to the routine efforts being made at schools, we have also spoken with our transportation provider, DMJ Transportation, about cleaning efforts on the bus.  Bus drivers currently clean their buses in a similar fashion to what is performed in the schools.  The District will be providing DMJ with the same cleaner it uses as a recommended agent to combat the spread of the common cold, flu, coronavirus, and other pathogens.  Additionally, we have also upgraded efforts through Nutrition, Inc. to maintain a clean and healthy cafeteria.
Our goal is to keep our environment as clean and health as possible for the students and staff we serve.  The following pages have information that is readily available to the public.  As the District receives further updates and guidance, information will be posted to this website.