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Toshiba Copiers

Please review the guides below on using our Toshiba Copiers. 

Links to Tutorial:


Admin & Donegal Office - 4515AC -

Rasmey & Norvelt Office - 5516ACT -

HS Office, Guidance & Library – 3518A -

All Schools -


How do I print to the copier? 
Please print to the Toshiba Find Me queue. This queue should have been pushed to your laptop automatically but if not, please restart your laptop while on campus to force this. Choose Apple menu > Restart.
The new print queue is not showing up in Chrome. Where is it?
If you do not see this as an option, it can be found by selecting "See More" in the Printer Destination tab when printing. If you are still not seeing this queue, please restart your computer while on campus to force your laptop to sync to our severs.
How do I retrieve my print job?
Fob into the any copier within the district and select "Print Release" to see all of your jobs.
I have a new ID or changed my password and now the copier is asking me to log in. What do I do?
Log in with your computer username (ex jdoe) and password. Make sure not to use your email address (ex [email protected]) as your username.