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Job Responsibilities

Dr. Williams has responsibilities in a variety of aspects of MPASD.  He provides oversight and a mentoring relationship of the secondary program grades 7-12 for building level leadership in his capacity of Coordinating Principal.  Dr. Williams also supervises and coordinates the operation of the physical plant of each of the buildings in the school district as the Director of Maintenance.  His supervision includes providing leadership for the district's custodial and maintenance staff.  Recent changes within the district also provides Dr. Williams the opportunity to coordinate the transition of transportation vendors for the 2019-2020 school year. As the Director of Transportation he is helping to coordinate that transition and is the primary contact for "all things" transportation in the school district. Technology integration remains a part of "Doc's" responsibilities as well.  He is a resource to teachers K-12 for incorporating technology in lesson design and helping teachers meet the needs of students.  Dr. Williams has also amassed an extensive background conducive to being the Act 44 and Safe and Secure Schools Coordinator for the district.  Given his extensive EMS and current law enforcement experience, he provides direction in emergency procedures and assists in the coordination of school police.