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State Parent Advisory Council (SPAC)
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Title I Equity Plan 
The Federal Government, under the regulations of “No Child Left Behind” and the Title I funding parameters requires local school districts to develop an equity plan that assures that poor and minority students are not taught at higher rates than other students by inexperienced (1-2 years of teaching experience), unqualified or out – of – field teachers.

The Mount Pleasant Area School District is committed to assuring equity for all students regardless of race or socio – economic status. Several guidelines are followed during our hiring, placement, and tenure process to provide equal access to highly – qualified instruction and instructors:

Only teachers deemed to be “Highly Qualified” under the NCLB guidelines are considered for employment.
All of our students are assigned to heterogeneously – grouped classrooms with every effort being made to have all sub-groups represented.
Since it is inevitable that experienced teachers will retire or leave the district for other reasons, we have the following strategies and practices in place.

1. Advertising for employment opportunities on our web-site, local newspapers, and on PA – Educator.

2. Structured induction program during year 1 and 2.

3. Individual mentors for all new staff.

4. District – wide grade level meetings scheduled on a regular basis.

5. Offer trainings and workshops to strengthen content knowledge and instructional strategies to all teachers.

6. Continue working to align our system of recruitment, hiring, induction, supervision, and professional development.

7. Continue to provide on – going support to all staff via our staff observation program

All teachers are expected to follow the same written curriculum across the district. Department chairpersons and administrators as well as teacher leaders assist teachers with the implementation of the planned curriculum.
Our Title I teachers work in a team atmosphere to provide support and service to all Title I eligible students.
All current staff is highly qualified.

Measuring Success

Success will be measured by maintaining a 100% highly qualified staff as well as maintaining a high level of teacher retention supported by a supportive observation/evaluation model.
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