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Bullying Prevention Information

In an effort to provide parents with the assistance they need, the Center for Safe Schools with funding provided by the Highmark Foundation developed the PA Bullying Prevention Toolkit and companion guides.  These free, downloadable tools are helpful to inform parents of the definition of bullying and how to support their children.  The PA Bullying Prevention Toolkit and companion guides can be accessed at:

What is bullying?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bullying is: 

·         Unwanted aggressive behavior(s) from youth other than a sibling or current dating partner;

·         Observed or perceived power imbalance, which could be physical size, numbers of students, social status;

·         Repeated or likely to be repeated, but does not have to be repeated;

·         Meant to inflict harm or distress.


What does bullying look like?

Direct bullying:  hitting, pushing, spitting, taunting, threatening

Indirect bullying:  exclusion, rumors, getting someone else to hurt a child

Cyberbullying:  ongoing intentionally negative communication that is directed at an individual or group of individuals conducted via electronic communication via texts, emails, instant messaging, social media, etc.


For more information on bullying go to:

Center for Safe Schools:

Federal Stopbullying: