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2019 Board of School Directors

Sitting from left to right: Mrs. Kimberly A. Grindle, Mr. John W. Sarnese, Mr. Donald K. Seder, Mr. George E. Hare
Standing from left to right: Mr. Ronald J. Bauer, Mr. Warren L. Leeder, Mr. Rodney M. Gerhart, Mr. Aaron R. Howard, 
Mrs. Annette R. Anderson
Board of Directors: 
Mr. John W. Sarnese, President
Mr. Donald K. Seder, Vice President
Mrs. Kimberly A. Grindle, Secretary
Mr. George E. Hare, Treasurer
Mrs. Annette R. Anderson
Mr. Ronald J. Bauer
Mr. Rodney M. Gerhart
Mr. Aaron R. Howard
Mr. Warren L. Leeder

Mr. Gary J. Matta, Solicitor
Mr. Joseph Dalfonso, Solicitor

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Mt. Pleasant Area School District
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ATTN: Board of School Directors
271 State Street
Mt. Pleasant, PA 15666
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