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    Welcome to the Mount Pleasant Area School District.
    It is with great humility and boundless optimism that I introduce myself as Superintendent of Schools for the Mount Pleasant Area School District.  I readily noticed the motto “A Tradition of Excellence” apparent on many district documents as I began my tenure.  The tradition of the past is undeniable and promise for the future is easily recognizable when you walk the halls of any of the district’s five buildings.   Each classroom showcases an example of the progressive and dedicated teaching staff delivering engaging and meaningful instruction with enthusiastic, motivated students.  Multiple conversations with students at the Junior/Senior High School yielded a clear and encouraging outlook on the district, its staff, and the communities in which they live.  High expectations throughout their academic program, expansive opportunities in the arts, inclusive and competitive extra-curricular programs and athletics, high levels of respect throughout the school community, along with loving and supportive families were among the areas highlighted.
    The Mount Pleasant Area community recognizes its public school system as a valuable asset and rallies in partnership to support its mission.  The district will capitalize on this cooperation by gathering input from various stakeholders to help develop a shared vision for the Mount Pleasant Area School District.  I will implement an Entry Plan designed to build the necessary relationships with both the internal and external stakeholders throughout the district’s communities.  It is extremely important to best understand the culture, traditions and history of the Mount Pleasant Area to frame the areas of challenge as well as those areas of opportunity as we complete our comprehensive planning process and shape the future for all children and families. 
    The teamwork and collaboration among all partners within the district will be apparent as we create a plan that will systemically advance the achievements of our students.  The Mount Pleasant Area’s vision will be shaped to prepare all students to be successful in a globally competitive world.  Achieving such a vision will require the development of comprehensive educational experiences that include collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, flexibility, and the progressive use of technology throughout our academic program. 
    The Mount Pleasant Area staff is committed to data driven decision making practices on a daily basis to best meet the needs of each and every student.  We will continue along this path and improve upon those successful practices.  We look forward to sharing our comprehensive plan in 2014 as it outlines our mission, vision and shared values along with a “blueprint” for maintaining and expanding the “Tradition of Excellence”.  
    Thank you to everyone for their support as we remain steadfast in our pursuit of systemic excellence for the Mount Pleasant Area.
    Dr. Timothy M. Gabauer
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