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    As part of the Positive Behavior Support Program, we have established clear rules for the behaviors expected in all areas of our school.

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         A goal of the Mount Pleasant Area School is to have a district-wide Behavior Plan for helping all students achieve important social and learning behaviors.  In order to address the needs of our students, the district formed a committee to identify areas of need and formulate a behavior plan to address these needs.  The District Behavior Team was established in April 2008, implementation of District Behavior plan began taking place during the 2009-2010 school year.
         The Mount Pleasant Area School District recognizes the when good behavior and good teaching comes together our student achievement is optimized.  The focus of the behavior plan is to establish clear expectations and consistency for all district students kindergarten through twelfth grade.
         In helping students practice good behaviors, the Mount Pleasant Area School District believes we will continue to build a school community where all students have an evnironment where they can succeed and grow.  The Mount Pleasant Area School Community is proud to be a part of this exciting initiative.

         In order to reinforce major themes of the Mount Pleasant Area Viking Code, acronyms are used throughout various areas of the school.  These acronyms serve the purpose of reminding the students of desired behaviors which they should be demonstrating while in these areas.  By exhibiting the behaviors listed on the Viking Code signs, the students will be working toward achieving the established goals of being Respectful, being Safe, being Responsible.

         The acronym BROWN is used in the hallways at Norvelt.  This acronym gives helpful reminders to our students to be respectful to others while in the hall, to move about the building in a safe manner, and to be responsible for their actions while moving from one area of the building to another.   
         The signficance of BROWN is that there is a brown line which runs along the outside of the hallways at Norvelt Elementary and BROWN serves as a reminder that the student should be walking on the brown line while in the halls.
    BROWN Accronym

         LUNCH is the acronym that is used in the lunchrooms in all of the elementary schools.  This acronym gives helpful reminders to our students to be respectful to others while in the cafeteria, to move about the lunch room in a safe manner, and to be responsible so that everyone is able to enjoy their lunch in a clean environment.
    LUNCH Accronym

         In the restrooms the acronym FLUSH is used.  Our goal is to have our students use the restroom facility in a propper manner. 
    FLUSH Accronym

         RIDE is the acronym used on our buses.  Each letter of the acronym serves as a reminder to students of the behaviors they need to demonstrate while on the bus to insure that everyone enjoys a safe ride on the bus to and from school.

    RIDE Accronym